Affordable Fine Art is an online space and a gallery space in Coral Gables which showcases ART and helps artists promote their work and sell it.

Well know artists have a trajectory and the value of their paintings rises with their recognition in the art market.

We are trying to accomplish something different – we want to expose great artists, rising artists, art students and all artists who want the opportunity to proudly exhibit their work and onset having a name in the competitive art world.

The gallery space in Coral gables offers 3 display options depending on the size and place where your artwork will be displayed. All of them are offered at an affordable rate.

Option A: 6 ft W x 6 ft H

Option B: 3.5 ft W x 6 ft H

Option C: 2.5 ft W x 6ft H

The minimum time of exhibition at the Gallery is ONE month – artist’s work and information will be live on our website during the same time. The launch date for Affordable Fine Art is September 7th (gallery night in coral gables). Events will also be held on every Friday of the month, when guests can attend the gallery.

Who is eligible: ALL artists

How to apply: contact us through our website and we will inform you of the list of prices for the spaces available.


Affordable Fine Art is a wonderful way of helping artists and helping customers buy quality art at affordable prices!

Please see some guidelines below:

  • Original painting or sculpture
  • Description of the work, dimensions and medium used
  • Photo of work
  • Price
  • Photo of your artwork and description will be used to showcase it on our website and other material used to promote you and the event
  • The artist is in charge of arranging the display in a secure way, in order to avoid any damage that could occur if the piece falls
  • We are not responsible for any damage that may occur to the artwork
  • We do not exhibit any offensive material